Terms of Service / AGB


By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms of service below.
Contact Mail: info@rebeccaceleste.de

  • After you get in contact with me via e-mail (info@rebeccaceleste.de), normally I will respond to your request in less than 48 hours on working days. So check your spam folder when in doubt.
  • Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise stated. This means, you cannot use my artwork on merchandise for resale or sell the artwork itself. If you like to use the work for commercial use, please let me know so we can discuss the price for the commercial license.
  • Do not modify, redraw or copy my art in any way without my consent or knowledge. Please message me if you want to make changes of my artwork or graphics.
  • I retain full and exclusive rights to the original artwork. The customer may not claim it as their own or use it for anything other than personal use, unless discussed otherwise and stated in written form.
  • It is possible to get a „speed boost“ of your commission, so the work will be processed in a shorter time period. This requires a fee of 50% of the commission price.
  • I have the right to post any commission and commission process images on my social media accounts (such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, TikTok etc.), my portfolio (Behance, Dribbble etc.), my Patreon account (as Patreon Rewards), my Ko-Fi account and my websites if not discussed otherwise.
  • I am not liable for actions taken against the client due to copyright infringement.
  • None of my work and commissioned work may be tokenized, sold or offered as N/F/T and used in any form in N/F/T-related projects.
  • My work may not be used in any way to train AI / Artificial Intelligence in current or future projects.
  • A big delay on the mail exchange will cause delay on the possible deadline. So please be sure to check your mails and respond to my questions.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission, without any need for explanation.


  • Because I am subject to sales tax, the German sales tax of 19% is added to my net price.
  • You will receive a detailed invoice on which the sales tax is declared. Please note that I need a billing address (full name, street, house number, zip code, city and country) to issue the invoice. You will receive the invoice as a PDF via e-mail, I will not send you any physical mail.
  • All personal information, that I request for invoices, will be handled confidential and will be used only for payment and tax purposes.
  • After you accept my offer, I will send you an invoice, which must be paid within a short period of time. After you have received the invoice and paid the agreed commission price, I will start to work on your order. After that the project is binding. Depending on the project, this will be the full commission price or 50% of the commission price upfront.
  • After the creation of the sketches you have the possibility to express small change requests. If it is necessary to create a completely new sketch, this will be charged additionally.
  • As soon as you have approved the sketches, I will start the final work on your order. Changes are then only possible by arrangement and in connection with additional costs. I reserve the right to reject any changes.
  • When the order has been finalized by me, only small change requests are possible (e.g. color changes etc.). For larger changes there will be additional costs.
  • If the invoice is divided, I will send you an invoice after finalizing the commission, with the last 50% of the agreed commission price, which must be paid within a short period of time. Only after I have received the the full amount of money, I will send you the files in the agreed formats and sizes.
  • If you are unable to pay the invoice within this period, the order will be cancelled automatically.
  • International payments (outside of the European payments area, SEPA) have to be paid in Euro (€) only via PayPal.
  • Payments in the European payments area (SEPA) have to be paid in Euro (€) via bank transfer.


  • There are no refunds for work declined by networks (like Twitch, Youtube, Vimeo etc.) or social media (like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc.). Please check the terms and conditions of these platforms to see whether the requested commission complies with them.
  • Refunds in the phase of creating the sketches is possible in parts, depending on how much work is already done.
  • Refunds after approval of the sketches to be finalized is not possible.


  • Minor revisions of the sketches are free, unless the commission has to be redone completely or the client keeps wanting too many changes. Additional charges may then incur.
  • After the client releases a sketch to be finalized, it is no longer possible to change the design without any further fees.